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11 October 2009

Some new AI traffic models added for the One-Eleven and Trident.
These are optional extras for those who know how to set up their own AI traffic.

See the BAC One-Eleven and HS121 Trident pages for more details & the downloads.

26 Feb 2009

New 1962 version of the Manchester Airport scenery.
Based on the 1975 scenery, this 1962 version has the old style terminal building & tower, no pier C & a shorter 7500ft runway. Many other differences too.
Thanks to Tom Gibson for conversion of the AFCAD file to represent 1962.

The 1975 version has also been updated to include the Airport Hotel Pub near the end of runway 24.

Download from the Manchester Airport scenery page

09 Dec 2008
Trident Virtual Cockpit update
All of the Trident downloads have been updated, but the majority of changes will only be of interest to VC users or users of FSX. There is not a lot different if you only use the 2D panel in FS2004.
These latest Trident models have been built using FSDS3 (old model was FSDS2).
They are now compatible with FSX SP2.

See details of the update here 

If you decide to update, remember you do need to install the Model & the Panel.

12 Apr 2008

The Standard VC10 & C1K models have finally been updated to match the improvements already made to the Super VC10 (way back in Dec 2006).
The RAF VC10 C1K panel has been updated to match as well.
See details of those improvements here
Also a few accuracy improvements to some of the Standard VC10 repaints.

Both the Civil & RAF VC10 panels have also been updated to get around a few minor problems in FSX. Many thanks to Dan K Hansen for his efforts in getting the auto throttle to work properly in FSX.
All the VC10s are now compatible with FSX & FS2004.
Download from the VC10 page

23 Mar 2008

Small fix to the checklist in the Comet Panel.
A couple of the ticks/crosses were not displaying right if there was no fuel in centre tank. It was annoying me as I only fly short flights & never have any centre tank fuel.
Download the fix here or the full panel download has also been updated. (2 Mb)

09 Feb 2008

The Manchester Airport 1975 scenery has been updated to correctly include all the approaches information. This stuff is needed for the Air Traffic Control to be able to offer ILS approaches etc.
I never use the ATC in FS & did not know about it. Thanks to Dan K Hansen & Peter McLeland for the information needed.

20 Jan 2008

A few new repaints added to the One-Eleven 200, 500 & 510ED.
Some of these have been sat on my PC for quite a while, may as well put them all out.
1-11 200 Braniff Orange N1552
1-11 200 Braniff Green N1545
1-11 500 British Caledonian G-AZMF
1-11 500 Monarch G-AWWZ
1-11 510ED European (EAL) G-AVML
I have also redone the British Airways Landor 1-11 510ED G-AVMO. It looked a bit rubbish on my new monitor.

All available on the BAC One-Eleven page.

20 Dec 2007

The Manchester Airport (EGCC) 1975 scenery is now ready for release.
See the new EGCC - Manchester Airport page for download & pictures. Have fun.

17 Dec 2007

A real BAC One-Eleven urgently needs a new home - G-AZMF (Mike Foxtrot) has to be moved from Bournmouth airport before the end of February or be scrapped.
Manchester Airport Aviation Viewing Park (already home to Trident G-AWZK & Concorde G-BOAC) can accomodate it, but a decent amount of money needs to be raised quickly to make it happen.

Sadly this project has now been cancelled 19Jan08.

I have painted up some more paint jobs of AZMF which are also available for download at
British Caledonian & British Airways Landor, as well as the usual EAL scheme.

BCal 1-11
This original BCAL is the proposed colour scheme that Manchester AVP will recreate - all the more reason to make it happen!

03 Dec 2007

Coming next . . . some scenery!!
Manchester Airport from about 1975.
All a bit rough and ready, but it's looking good to me.
The first attempt could well be out before Christmas.
I don't think it will work in FSX (?), so probably FS2004 only.
See some screenshots here

09 Oct 2007

Added an explaination of the 1-11 510ED autopilot into the on-line 1-11 panel manual. See the 1-11 Manual - Autopilot page

22 Sep 2007

Fixed a problem with the texture converter for the Comet models.
It was not working at all for the 32 bit formats. DXT3 formats were ok.
Texture Converter Utility

13 Sep 2007

A few small fixes for the new Comet panel & VC.
Landing gear indicator should only show one green light for each landing gear unit.
Max cabin pressure was wrongly limited to 8.0 psi instead of the correct 8.75 psi.

The panel download on the Comet page has been updated, or here is a small update download with the fixes only. (2 Mb)

27 Aug 2007
DH106 Comet 4 Update
  • Improved Panel
  • Virtual Cockpit
  • New Flight Dynamics
See some snaps of the VC here

The new Comet is an FS2004 model, but it does work ok in FSX (just not as good)

Please take a look through the new Comet flying guide. The panel has a lot more going on now and this is a good introduction to the new features. Flying the Comet

No remuneration do I ask of you, but me cap would be glad of a copper or two.
Chim-chiminy, chim-chiminy, chim-chim-cherooooo...

30 Jun 2007

Happy New Year!
It has been a while since there was any news on this website. I've been taking some time out from my little hobby, deciding if I've actually packed it in or not. :-)

Here's a quick look at the current Work in Progress - Comet 4 Virtual Cockpit

28 Dec 2006

Super VC10 update
Sadly not a VC model, but a few long overdue accuracy improvements including new landing gear, improved paint jobs including several extra liveries covering the entire civil range for the Super VC10.
Also updated the panel & sounds for the civil airliner VC10. The main view is a bit clearer & brighter as well as having a few extra sounds like the 1-11 & Trident models.
See full details of the updates here

The updated files can be downloaded from the Vickers VC10 page

Note that the Standard VC10 & C1K models have not been updated, only the 1151 Super.

[edit] Made a correction to the panel 29 Dec at 10:30. Fixes blank radio panel.

07 Dec 2006

By popular demand (thanks Sam) a sequel to the amazing VC10 video!
The even better BAC One-Eleven Video

Old News Items

31 Oct 2006
New BAC 1-11 510ED panel & Virtual Cockpit (as made for BEA / BA)
British G-AVMR, Courtline G-AXMH 'Halcyon Sun' 1-11 repaints.

09 Oct 2006
Trident Major update - VC night lighting, extra systems added.
1-11 Major update - new FSDS3 made model.
40 years service VC10 C1K repaint.

15 Jun 2006
Mach hold fix for VC10 panel.

25 Apr 2006
1-11 update. Improved night lighting in VC, improved wings, new window textures.

10 Mar 2006
101 Squadron repaint for VC10 C1K.

11 Feb 2006
Progress report on 1-11 VC night lighting.

22 Jan 2006
Beginners guide to flying the 1-11.

31 Dec 2005
BAC 1-11 small patch for 19 Dec release.

19 Dec 2005
BAC 1-11 updated. Improved panel, Virtual Cockpit, exterior textures updated etc.

31 Jul 2005
New series of Comet 3 & 3B models released.
Texture converter utility updated.
VC10 Video.

30 Jun 2005
Bogus Comet release at

19 May 2005
System crashes with Audigy 2 ZS Siund Cards
Trident HDG & NAV mode.

11 May 2005
Trident Fixes
A few more repaints added to the Tridents
New Trident Paintkit

04 May 2005
Trident Smoke effects missing from AVSIM download

30 Apr 2005
New Trident models released

19 Feb 2005
AI VC10 pack is available again

18 Feb 2005
VC10 Panel fix for battery & generator problems

08 Jan 2005
VC10 Flight dynamics tweak
Texture converter utility
Feature Pages
Please understand that it is not possible for me to reply to every e-mail I get.
If you have a support type of query about the models, it may be better to post it on the CBFS forum (link on top of this page)

The models here are a detailed & accurate simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004, FS9, FSX).  They look & perform like the real thing, but without being too demanding on your computer's resources.   Each model has a high quality cockpit panel, realistic engine sounds and textures for many authentic airline liveries.

BAC 1-11

DH106 Comet 4
HS121 Trident
Vickers VC10

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