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One-Eleven update - October 2006
This update is mainly a general improvement of the cockpit & systems. It is an FSDS3 made model.
  • Extra pedestal night lighting for VC
  • 'Grabable' controls in VC
  • Simulated engine 'Top Temp' limiter (from VC pedestal only)
  • More realistic engine temperature performance (Spey 512)
  • Much improved Thrust Index gauges (100% for takeoff gives a proper rated thrust)
  • VC views panel included for co-pilot position
  • 'G force' flexing wings
  • Wing views + On/Off toggle
  • Fixed minor bug where APU switch was sticking.
  • More accurate air system & pressurization, including Safety Value & Ram Air switches
  • ILS backcourse now operational
  • More realistic stall warn with stick push if not rectified
  • 2D panel lights & VC roof lights now work independantly
  • Proper generator switch action
  • HSI - To/From indicator added
  • Attitude Indicator - proper CDI + VOR/LOC flag
  • Authentic sounds for stick shaker, stick pusher, overspeed, takeoff config warning, engine fires
  • Also extra beeps & horns for Altitude alert & Cabin Height
  • To avoid clutter, Toggle icons are now all on their own popup window
  • ADF tuning knobs move the correct numbers (as per the real radio unit)
  • AP disengage light works
  • Working engine fire test, stall test & overspeed test switches
  • 26 deg flap drag reduced slightly, can now use technique given in American Airlines 1-11 400 manual. 26 deg & 45 deg selected before intercepting glide slope.
  • Drift degrees added to info on 'Check List' popup window
  • Engines respond quicker in higher RPM range, idle to full time more realistic
  • Gear warning settings corrected
Extra pedestal night lighting for VC. The overhead panel has been made slightly easier to read at night too.
Note that the red/pink cockpit lights are on by default, so you have to turn them off (left side overhead panel) to get the lighting conditions shown above.
All icon toggle switches are now held on a popup window of their own. This popup is toggled on/off by a single icon at the top of the main panel marked ' i '

A new system that has been simulated is engine top temp.
Switching this system on will keep engine temperatures within limits, making it impossible to overheat them.
It does this by automatically restricting fuel flow when engine temperature reaches a certain level.
Operation in FS is simplified, but it does work very effectively where it is needed most - during the takeoff phase.

Wing views are back in the VC model plus a new toggle switch to remove them off if you suspect they are eating any frame rate.
These wings will now flex slightly due to 'G' force & turbulence.
Extra sounds
The panel now makes use of Doug Dawson's widely used method of adding sound effects to XML gauges.
Extra sounds added are:-
Takeoff config warning (if flaps & tail trim not acceptable for takeoff)
V1 & Rotate co-pilot calls
Altitude alert beep
Cabin Height warning (if cabin height is over 10,000ft. ie. not pressurized. Close 'Safety Valve' before takeoff to avoid this)
Engine fire test switches
Stall warning test switches
Overspeed warning test switch

All of these sounds are non-standard FS sounds & are actually included with the panel download.
If for any reason you don't like the extra sounds, they can be removed by deleting this line in the panel.cfg file:-
gauge32=dsd_xml_sound3!dsd_xml_sound3, 2,2,5,5,.\Aircraft\DMFS Shared Files\BAC 1-11 Panel VC\DM_1-11_sound.ini

In addition, the normal FS sounds for Stall warning (stick shaker) & overspeed have been upgraded to use authentic noises.
These two sounds are standard in FS & so are included in the Sounds download.
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