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BAC 1-11 VC Lighting
I've been working on the FSDS3 conversion of the One-Eleven & part of this has been trying to improve the VC lighting.
Transferring the backlighting technique from gmax to FSDS is bizarre to say the least, but knowing it is possible encouraged enough trial & error to find a reasonable way.
The picture on the right is taken from a BAC sales brochure and shows the kind of effect needed.  Main instruments floodlit & overhead backlit.  The real aircraft had rheostats to adjust the intensity (something not possible in Flight Simulator).
Brightness levels in the model are fixed & hopefully at a nice balance for readability without being too bright.
Full cockpit floodlighting is still available (as it was before, see final picture).

The FSDS3 1-11 will hopefully be available well before the new version of Flight Simulator.  Sadly, there is a major blurring problem to overcome on the exterior aircraft model yet (and it can't be fixed by removing mip-maps!)

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