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DH106 Comet 4 Virtual Cockpit
Here's a look at the latest shots of the virtual cockpit in the Comet. Updated flight dynamics as well.
Already well over a year and a half old, I'm having trouble finding the inspiration to finish it off.
Over six months without a single update to my website says it all about my current lack of enthusiasm.

There is still a lot to do. Honest. :-)
And I haven't put any effort into making it work in FSX yet.
So if the fun ever comes back, this will be the next release...

Some improvements to the Smiths Flight System, made with the help of using Fraser McKay's excellent panels.

Engineers panel has a working pressurization section.
The levers move at the bottom, but the parts still need coding to make them properly active.
Electrics & fuel systems are as basic as the original panel and will probably stay that way. From what I can understand, this fuel system is impossible to do accurately in FS anyway.
Co-pilot seat slides forward, out of the way, so the whole panel can be seen and operated from the Captain's position.

The glorious mess that is the overhead. Only the basic FS stuff is active - lights, gear, radios, pitot heat etc.

Pedestal still needs an autopilot and some finer details.

There's an overhead side panel missing yet.

Current expected release date : Never :-)

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