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EGCC - Manchester Airport
This scenery has been built using AFCAD for the airport layout, FSDS3 for making the buildings & EZ-Scenery to place the buildings inside FS.
It's not amazing detail scenery, with all the bells & whistles. Simple but effective is more what I'm aiming at. :-)

Download for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Size Updated Comments 2 Mb 26Feb09 Scenery for Manchester 1975 2 Mb 26Feb09 Scenery for Manchester 1962
You only need to install one of the download files above. Your choice of 1962 or 1975.
For install instructions read the 'Read_Me.txt' file inside the zip file.
Thanks to Tom Gibson for his work on the AFCAD for 1962.

Please check out the pictures below, if you don't see the same kind of thing then something isn't right.

View from Pier B looking at the 1970s revamped terminal building & tower, with multi storey car park behind.
Batteries & 70s AI aircraft not included. All aircraft showing here are available on t'internet somewhere.

View looking out the other way from Pier B, showing the good old black sheds rather than a second runway.

Pier B and beyond. Showing the fire station, the old Fairey Engineering works plus other assorted large hangars and the row of trees next to the taxi way for runway 06.

The Jumbo pier (opened 1974)

Night time.
Your lights may look different depending on the version of 'spotlight.bmp' that you have in your 'Flight Simulator 9\Texture' folder.
No lights seem to work properly when it's misty or foggy & they don't light up the aircraft either.

1962 Version.

There are several differences around the 1962 airport.
Most notably the lack of Pier C, the old styling of the terminal building & tower and a shorter 7500ft runway.

An approximation of the original 1962 terminal building and the old style tower.
Note that any AI Viscounts will not be parked 'nose in' at your airport (this shot was taken before the parking was altered)
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