Manchester Airport 1975

I've been having a play with scenery over the past few weeks, seeing how hard it would be to make a Manchester Airport from the mid 1970s.
It looks like it will work ok. Using AFCAD for the airport layout, FSDS3 for making the buildings & EZ-Scenery to place the buildings inside FS. I think that does mean it's FS2004 only scenery, not FSX.
It's not going to be amazing detail scenery, with all the bells & whistles. Simple but effective is more what I'm aiming at. :-)

View from Pier B looking at the 1970s revamped terminal building & tower, with multi storey car park behind.
You'd have to supply your own 70s AI aircraft. All aircraft showing here are available on t'internet somewhere.

View looking out the other way from Pier B, showing the good old black sheds rather than a second runway.

Taxiing out past the domestic Pier A, showing the cargo hangars.

Pier B and beyond. Showing the fire station, the old Fairey Engineering works plus other assorted large hangars and the row of trees next to the taxi way for runway 06.

Parked at Pier A to show the terminal & tower from the other side.

The Jumbo pier (opened 1974) from the terminal end of pier B.

A closer look at Pier A. They are not the highest resolution models & textures, but the detail level has to hopefully leave enough processing power to make it useable with weather and AI. (on my PC - AMD Athlon 64 3800+, Nvidia 7600GT AGP, 1gb RAM)