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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do I get sound corruption and/or system crashes when using your engine sounds?
A: You probably have an Audigy 2 ZS sound card.  Something in either the sound card itself or the drivers for it has a major fault. The sounds work fine with other sound cards and have done for years.
It is not only my sounds causing sqeals and crashes, I've now seen similar forum posts involving four other FS developers.
Latest news: Apparently some have found the latest drivers from Creative do now cure the problem.
Q: Do your models fly like the real thing?
A: No FS model flys exactly like the real thing.  All of my models have flight models that perform well across the normal range of operation when compared to real data for the aircraft. They will not perform anything like as accurately at the edges of their normal flight envelope.
All models except the 1-11 have been tested (& passed fit) by pilots of the real thing.  Strangely enough, the 1-11 gets the most compliments for it's flight model from real world pilots though.
The Comet flight model had not been updated for a long time, but the August 2007 version is now up to the same kind of standard as the other models.
Q: Why do my textures look blurred?
A: Your video card probably does not like the textures to contain mip-maps.
The models come with 32-bit mip-mapped textures, but they can easily be converted to other formats.
So long as your system handles them well, 32-bit textures offer the very best in image quality.  DXT formats are compressed formats & they make smaller file sizes at the expense of some image quality.
Most textures do convert to DXT very well, but complex shading & dirt effects can often give varying degrees of corruption, both in detail & colour.
If you would prefer DXT3 format, or need to remove the mip-maps, each model contains a simple texture conversion utility that can quickly convert the textures for you.  Read about it here... Converting Textures
Q: Why doesn't my model take off at a reasonable speed?
A: The Elevator Trim (or Tail trim) needs to be set correctly for take off.  All of the models here need some nose up trim to rotate effectively at the correct speed.
Q: Can I use the models in FS2002?
A: All the models are now made for FS2004 only & I do not test them at all in FS2002.
They can be used in FS2002, visually they are fine, but the flight dynamics will not behave properly.  There are some other minor issues with the panels in FS2002.
Installing in FS2002
Q: Can I use the models in FSX?
A: All the models are made for FS2004.
The latest VC10 models are fully compatible with FSX SP2.
The latest version of the Comet will work well in FSX with only a few minor faults.
The other models all work to some degree, but are missing some minor parts and textures.
Q: Why don't any of your aircraft models have animated thrust reversers?
A: All of the aircraft I've modelled have an internal thrust reverse mechanism with no externally visible moving parts.  They have clam shell doors inside the rear of the engines and these close off the rear exhaust deflecting the jet outward through vents.
Q: How do I open the rear door on the 1-11 model?
A: The rear door is linked to the 'tailhook' function in FS.  The FS menu has a section for keyboard key assignments, so check what key works the tailhook.  If there isn't already an assignment, assign a key for yourself.
Lots of models have special features attached to 'tailhook'.
Q: How do I display the fuel pipes on the VC10 C1K?
A: The fuel pipes are assigned to 'tailhook' as well.
Q: Pressing the tailhook key on the VC10 airliners displays a pod under the wing.  What is it?
A: When needed, the VC10 could transport a spare Conway engine inside the pod to a stricken VC10.  The RAF don't use the pods since they can store the engine inside the aircraft.
Q: I can open the aircraft doors, but how do I get the airport steps to appear?
A: The parking brakes need to be on for the steps to display.
Q: How can I see the wing views without Active Camera?
A: In cockpit view, hold down '5' and '7' together on your keyboard's numeric key pad & you will get a wing view.
'5' and '9',   '5' and '1',   '5' and '3' also give other wing views.
You'll need to have 'Num Lock' ON to use the numeric key pad.
Q: Are you ever going to model anything else?
A: No, I've long since stopped making 'new' models.  I will update the existing stuff from time to time, but all you'll ever get from me is One-Elevens, VC10s, Comets & Tridents.
Q: Have you ever thought of converting the Comet model into a Nimrod?
A: Go away.
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