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HS121 Trident Update 09 December 2008

Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid, but it needed doing.
The Trident model is now built with FSDS3 (finally dragging the model into ye olde FS2004 standards!!)
All of the VC is now textured, with a few extra features & improvements.
The VC controls are now draggable (like on the 1-11 & Comet).
There are wing views available from inside the VC panel.

Externally not much is different:-
  • The DECAL texture on the nose & above the cockpit has been replaced by a new texture assignment in the FUSE_1 texture file. This is to fix the reflective problem in FSX.
  • Wingflex now works by g-force.
  • Outer slats open a little more.
  • Small accuracy improvements on the BA & BEA textures.

A couple of small panel fixes :-
  • The 'Top Temp' system is now ON by default. The switches are now correctly 'override' switches, ie switch ON to override (turn off) the system.
  • Engine temperature parameter adjusted, it is now easier to overheat engines if 'Top Temp' not used.
  • Mach meter redesigned, to overcome a display bug in FSX which made it inaccurate.

The main benefit of this update could be for FSX users, where it is now pretty much fully compatible. Colours are correct & no reflective areas where there shouldn't be, inside or out.
If only I could run it through the FSX compiler without having to practically rebuild the bloody model!

Spot the difference?

The glareshield is textured. Textured arm rests (whatever next!). Newely modelled engine cocks. Basic engine reverser levers included. err... some other stuff too no doubt.
And it even looks pretty much the same in FSX - all the strange reflective areas are gone.

Wing Views from the VC panel.

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