Trident Panel Manual
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Main Centre Autopilot Fuel Overhead Starter Radios


There are two of these gauges, with the top one setting COM1 & NAV1 and the bottom on setting COM2 & NAV2 frequencies.
The direction for the tuned beacons (NAV1 & NAV2) is shown on the VOR indicator on the main panel, and the distance to the beacon is shown on the DME instruments (if the beacon supports DME).
FS radios work in Whole numbers & Fractions.  The frequency is split into two either side of the decimal point.
Click on either side of the numbers to increase or decrease the value.  Left side to decrease, Right side to increase.

The selected frequencies on the two radio units can be quickly swapped over by clicking the COM & NAV icon buttons.

ADF frequency

There are two of these gauges, with the top one setting ADF1 & the bottom one setting ADF2 frequencies.
The direction to the tuned ADF beacons is shown on the ADF indicator on the main panel.
The three knobs at the bottom are used to change the numbers - hundreds, units and decimals.
Click either side of the knob to adjust the number up or down.


FS treats the transponder code as four independant numbers.
Click each number to change it.  They work by increment only.