Trident Panel Manual
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Main Centre Autopilot Fuel Overhead Starter Radios
The starter is a separate window from the main panel.  It is toggled on/off by the ignition toggle button
On the VC the starter panel is located on the overhead.
1 : Anti-Ice
De-ice system for engines & airframe.
Engine Anti-Ice works on the individual engines.

2 : APU Section 
This only simulates the buttons & switches of the APU.  The model does not have a functioning APU.

3 : Ignition Master
4 : Engine Selection
5 : Starter
To start the engines.
1) Make sure all relevant cocks & fuel valves are open on the fuel panel. (Fuel panel is ready to go by default)
2) Switch on the Ignition Master
3) Click the engine selection switch to the engine you want to start - 1, 2 or 3
4) Click the Starter switch & hold it at 'Start' until the engine has started fully
Repeat 3 & 4 for the other engines
When all engines are started, click the Ignition Master to 'OFF'

The booster engine panel (Trident 3 only) works on the same idea, but does not need the engine selection switch.