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BAC 1-11 200

New Braniff Green & Orange repaints added to the collection.

Extra pedestal night lighting for VC
'Grabable' controls in VC
More realistic engine temperature performance (Spey 512)
'G force' flexing wings
Wing views + On/Off toggle
26 deg flap drag reduced slightly, can now use technique given in American Airlines 1-11 400 manual. 26 deg & 45 deg selected before intercepting glide slope.
Engines respond quicker in higher RPM range, idle to full time more realistic
Gear warning settings corrected

Improvements in model accuracy of wings & new wing textures.
New window textures on the fuselage.
Brighter landing/taxi lights.
An engine overheat warning is less likely.

Tailplane incidence, wing span & wing area adjustments to flight model

Virtual cockpit added.
APU added.
All textures updated.

Small flight dynamics alterations.
Drag & power rebalanced to allow for slightly higer rates of descent.

All repaints grouped together with the base model.
Flight dynamics power & drag balanced out better for a more realistic performance.
Transition from flying clean to using the flaps is much less obvious.

Dan-Air 1980 & DRA repaints added
cfg updated.

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