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BAC 1-11 510ED

New European (EAL) repaint added to the collection.
Redone British Airways Landor repaint to a higher standard.
Fixed small allignment problem to right upper wing surface on the 3D model.

Altered shape of DME unit in the VC model, cutting off sharp sides to make it octagonal.
Pedestal was missing some smoothing.

British red tail hush-kits repaint added.
New 510ED panel released so 510ED models now have their own download file.

Extra pedestal night lighting for VC
'Grabable' controls in VC
More realistic engine temperature performance (Spey 512)
'G force' flexing wings
Wing views + On/Off toggle
26 deg flap drag reduced slightly, can now use technique given in American Airlines 1-11 400 manual. 26 deg & 45 deg selected before intercepting glide slope.
Engines respond quicker in higher RPM range, idle to full time more realistic
Gear warning settings corrected

Improvements in model accuracy of wings & new wing textures.
New window textures on the fuselage.
Brighter landing/taxi lights.
An engine overheat warning is less likely.

Virtual cockpit added.
APU added.
All textures updated.

Swissair textures added.

Small flight dynamics alterations.
Drag & power rebalanced to allow for slightly higer rates of descent.

All repaints grouped together with the base model.
Flight dynamics power & drag balanced out better for a more realistic performance.
Transition from flying clean to using the flaps is much less obvious.

3d model now has animated passenger doors & steps, elevator & aileron tabs and inboard lift dumpers.
Flight dynamics improved & tuned for FS2004.
Texture files added for doors & stairs.
Germanair repaint added.

Hapag-Lloyd added.

The shine has been reduced a bit. Small bleed though cured on engines.

BA Landor repaint - Reg letters on nose gear doors were showing 'OM' instead of 'MO'.

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