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BAC 1-11 Panel

A couple of very minor bug fixes done.

Extra pedestal night lighting for VC
'Grabable' controls in VC
Simulated engine 'Top Temp' limiter (from VC pedestal only)
More realistic engine temperature performance (Spey 512)
Much improved Thrust Index gauges (100% for takeoff gives a proper rated thrust)
VC views panel included for co-pilot position
Wing views + On/Off toggle
Fixed minor bug where APU switch was sticking.
More accurate air system & pressurization, including Safety Value & Ram Air switches
ILS backcourse now operational
More realistic stall warn with stick push if not rectified
2D panel lights & VC roof lights now work independantly
Proper generator switch action
HSI - To/From indicator added
Attitude Indicator - proper CDI + VOR/LOC flag
Authentic sounds for stick shaker, stick pusher, overspeed, takeoff config warning, engine fires
Also extra beeps & horns for Altitude alert & Cabin Height
To avoid clutter, Toggle icons are now all on their own popup window
ADF tuning knobs move the correct numbers (as per the real radio unit)
AP disengage light works
Working engine fire test, stall test & overspeed test switches
Drift degrees added to info on 'Check List' popup window

Improvements to the night lighting in the VC.
APU can now be run during approach & landing phase without it affecting thrust.
Minor accuracy improvements to the GS flags on HSI & CDI, only shows fail if an ILS frequency is tuned in.

Slip indicator ball on the attitude indicator centred correctly.
Air Speed Indicator's speed reference bugs corrected for 200 & 400 models.

Virtual cockpit added.
APU added.
Updated 2D panel.

Various minor fixes.
ADF 2 added.
Autopilot - Altitude hold & Altitude Alert now work independantly. With ALT hold selected, vertical speed can still be selected using the pitch command knob on the attitude indicator.
Autopilot - More gradual turn using the Manual turn knob.
New folder structure in the download.

Panel view zoomed in a bit for slightly bigger gauges.
Main panel colour is balanced a bit better.
Autopilot now has the improved XML code from the latest Comet & VC10 panels.
ADF is now tunable in the decimal range.
Turn coordinator calibrated properly for 4 & 2 minute standard rate turns.
Ice Detected light altered to work more realistically.

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