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de Havilland DH106 Comet 4 Panel

Small fix to the checklist in the Comet Panel.
A couple of the ticks/crosses were not displaying right if there was no fuel in centre tank.

A few small panel fixes.
Landing gear indicator (overhead panel) should only have one green light showing for each landing gear unit.
Max cabin pressure was wrongly limited to 8.0 psi. Now increased to the correct 8.75 psi.
+/- tooltip reversed on autopilot pitch switch.

Added new systems & improved existing panels.
VC added.
Extra sounds added for co-pilot calls & take off config warning.

New folder structure in the download.

Turn coordinator calibrated properly for 4 & 2 minute standard rate turns.
Ice Detected light altered to work more realistically.

Comet cockpit views released & panel updated to fix a few small issues:-
Smiths Horizon gauge now has BEAM & G/P flags to show when the flight director is operating for each. The round flag now only appears when power is off. Thanks to Fraser McKay for this information.
COM radios now have active On/Off switches so you can swap between the two.
Panel.cfg updated to use the cockpit views.
The first day release version of this panel had a faulty ADF gauge, this has been fixed already.

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