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HS121 Trident 3

Model now made with FSDS3, MakeMdl compiler, which makes it FSX compatible.
Only minor changes externally:-
The DECAL texture on the nose & above the cockpit has been replaced by a new texture assignment in the FUSE_1 texture file. This is to fix the reflective problem in FSX.
Wingflex now works by g-force.
Outer slats open a little more.
Small accuracy improvements on the BA & BEA textures.
Engine temperature parameter adjusted, it is now easier to overheat engines if 'Top Temp' not used.

Full VC night lighting
More realistic engine temperature performance (Spey 512)
Engines respond quicker in higher RPM range, idle to full time more realistic
APU now operational

A small number of folks had been seeing parts of the roof & floor vanishing in the Trident VC.
Modified the 3D model to make that less likely to happen.
Extra repaint added:-
Original 'British Airways' titles BA.

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