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HS121 Trident Panel

Model now made with FSDS3, MakeMdl compiler, which makes it FSX compatible.
Cockpit windows & other complex shapes on the panels have been remodelled so that they do not now rely on texture transparency. This is to fix the reflective problem in FSX.
Wing Views included in the VC panel.
All of the VC is now textured, with a few extra features and improvements, newely modelled engine cocks and basic engine reverser levers.
Mach meter redesigned, to overcome a display bug in FSX which made it inaccurate.
The 'Top Temp' system is now on by default, the switches are now correctly 'override' switches, ie switch ON to override (turn off) the system.
Control levers etc are grabbable.

Full VC night lighting
Look of VC overhead switches improved (from the left seat anyway)
NAV/GPS toggle switch added
Simulated engine 'Top Temp' limiter & Engine relight switches added
More realistic engine temperature performance (Spey 512)
EGT gauges changed to match T2/3 (think the old ones were T1)
More accurate Thrust Index gauges
VC views panel for co-pilot position
Stall warn with stick push if not rectified
2D panel lights & VC roof lights now work independantly
Authentic sounds for stick shaker, stick pusher, overspeed, takeoff config warning, engine fires
To avoid clutter, Toggle icons are now all on their own popup window
ADF tuning knobs move the correct numbers (as per the real radio unit)
Smoother engine ignition
Engines respond quicker in higher RPM range, idle to full time more realistic
Engine RPM shown in RPM gauges tooltip (was only showing % before)
Water injection added
APU now operational

2D & VC panel downloads merged to avoid any 'confusion'.

Some report oscillations with Height Lock on the autopilot.
I could only get it happening at sim speed of 4x and above.
It was a timing issue in the autopilot processing & I've managed to sort it.

New panel & Virtual Cockpit released.

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