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Vickers Super VC10 1151

3D model updated with some accuracy improvements. New gear, better proportioned, small detail improvements to paint jobs.
Extra paint jobs added for BOAC Testing, BOAC 1965, BOAC Cunard, BOAC / BA titles.

Small flight dynamics alterations.
Drag & power rebalanced to allow for slightly higer rates of descent under 15000ft.

All repaints grouped together with the base model.

Flight dynamics improved to match info provided by flying the C1K simulator at RAF Brize Norton.
Many small enhancements made to the 3d Model.
Flight Manual now included in the base model download.
Protptype repaint added.

Flexing wings modified to not bounce quite as much.

Opening doors with airport steps, flexing wings, plus many small improvements to the 3d model.

A last minute change I made on the previous release introduced a problem elsewhere.
I correctly set the slats to extend fully with the 20 degree takeoff flaps setting. However, I didn't notice that caused too much nose down when 20 degree flaps was selected during approach.
I have adjusted the lift components to fix that.  

Minor bug fixes done to match the files in the release of VC10 Airliner package to
Gear warning horn only sounds after the 20 degree flap setting

Updated to work properly with the new panel
Flight dynamics tweaked to be fully compatible with FS2004 drag changes
Flight dynamics revised for more detailed weight & fuel parameters in FS2004
Heavy weight is now slightly more demanding on aircraft performance
Landing lights now visible from cockpit view again
Smoke effect & kneeboard documentation added

The shine has been reduced a bit.

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