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Vickers VC10 C1K Panel

Fixed another minor problem when used in FSX - DATUM ADJUST wasn't working when ALT hold selected.
Also altered the auto throttle fix, so that the modern auto pilot option will once again allow speeds over 180kt in FS9.

A few minor problems fixed for use in FSX.
Main panel is now at a slightly higher resolution so that the text is a bit clearer.
The colour balance is better, with the cockpit views also being brightened & colour balanced to match.
Some new beeps & bells added, as well as the V1 & Vr calls, like the extra sounds on the 1-11 & Trident models.

Mistake corrected in panel.cfg, would result in ADF radios unable to tune decimals.
Only affects downloads made after 28Dec06.

The old auto pilot was a bit loose in altitude hold, often letting the altitude creep.
The idea of a 'DATUM ADJUST' caused that, but I've since realized how to do it better.
Altitude hold keeps it where it ought to be, while the DATUM ADJUST still allows small changes in vertical speed.

Fix for malfunctioning mach hold mode.
Some downloads were ok & do not need the fix, but a large number of downloads contained a bug that caused pitch increases in Mach hold mode.

Corrections to automatic generators to cure battery fault problems with the Delco Carousel INS gauges.
Some minor fixes to certain warning lights & how they behave with battery/generator electrical supply.

Automatically turn on the generators to make up for the absence of any proper generator switches.

New folder structure in the download.

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