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Super VC10 update - 28 December 2006
Changes to the exterior model

New landing gear. Much more accurate in closeup than the old gear which was still the same structure from the original model made in 2001.

Another main improvement is in the accuracy of the proportions for the Super VC10. The original model was compromised slightly because it was made from the smaller Standard VC10 model (which was always more accurate).
The new Super model is better all round, most easily noticed in better placement of the doors, window count etc.
'BOAC' now fits in the right place at the front !

Since the texture layout has now changed slightly, old repaints will no longer line up perfectly. So I've included all the Super VC10 liveries in the new download pack.
(I think)
There are also a number of small corrections to the existing paint jobs.
These are the new paint jobs:-
BOAC Testing BOAC 1965 BOAC Cunard BOAC / BA titles

The early prototype Supers now have the correct old style full length outer wing fences, rather than the double leading edge fences seen on the final production aircraft.

There are a few other minor enhancements to the 3D model, such as interior cockpit frame pillars and better sized BOAC 'V' on the rear of the fuselage.
The 3D model should also now render fully in FSX, although the window glass does not shine.

Changes to the panel

Just tried to breathe a bit of new life into the old panel.

The main panel is now at a slightly higher resolution so that the text is a bit clearer.
The colour balance is better, with the cockpit views also being brightened & colour balanced to match.

Some new beeps & bells added, as well as the V1 & Vr calls, like the extra sounds on the 1-11 & Trident models.

The old auto pilot was a bit loose in altitude hold, often letting the altitude creep.
The idea of a 'DATUM ADJUST' caused that, but I've since realized how to do it better. So that has now been sorted, altitude hold keeps it where it ought to be, while the DATUM ADJUST still allows small changes in vertical speed.

One other adjustment is to the landing lights.
A few recent fog bound landings have thrown up a problem I'd not seen before. The landing beams (I didn't ask for them!) appear to cast some strange kind of shadow across the windows in bad visibility.
So I've changed the angle of the beams to remove that odd effect.
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