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One-Eleven 510ED Panel
The 1-11 510ED was the original 'Super one-eleven' as specified by BEA (later British Airways).
It was laid out & equipped differently to other 1-11 aircraft, as BEA wanted it to share common equipment with their existing Trident fleet.
Some familiar units for any Trident pilots.
The gaping hole in the layout was originally filled with a Trident style moving map display. It didn't last long & now provides a useful place for the speed reference chinagraph & also the toggle icon buttons. :-)
Note the DME unit on top of the glareshield.
The overhead is shuffled around some. The hydraulics panel is up there, along with some of the pressurization system that you'd normally find on the centre panel. All presented in authentic vile brownish tones. :-)
Watch out, the overhead switches operate the opposite way around to the other 1-11s !!!!
In real life, 510ED pilots were not allowed to fly any other mark of 1-11 (& vice versa) without completing a formal conversion course.
There's also a more sophisticated autopilot, similar but not identical to the A/P unit in the Trident.
Includes speed control, with IAS pitch mode and auto throttle mode. Also height acquire mode as well as height lock.
Autoland was available for some time, but would have been removed later in the aircraft's life.
The model has an operational auto land - simply select 'G/P Auto' for a normal ILS approach, then once established on the glide slope also select 'Prime Land'.
Because the hydraulic panel was on the overhead instead, the lighting knobs were on extra side panels.
Subtle post lighting on the main panel. Each gauge had one or two small individual lights situated around it. Overhead & pedestal are back-lit like the regular 1-11.
This shot is taken on a very dark night.
Note that the red/pink cockpit lights are on by default, so you have to turn them off (side overhead panels) to get the lighting conditions shown above.
Extra sounds
The panel now makes use of Doug Dawson's widely used method of adding sound effects to XML gauges.
Extra sounds added are:-
Takeoff config warning (if flaps & tail trim not acceptable for takeoff)
V1 & Rotate co-pilot calls
Altitude alert beep
Cabin Height warning (if cabin height is over 10,000ft. ie. not pressurized. Close 'Safety Valve' before takeoff to avoid this)
Engine fire test switches
Stall warning test switches
Overspeed warning test switch

All of these sounds are non-standard FS sounds & are actually included with the panel download.
If for any reason you don't like the extra sounds, they can be removed by deleting this line in the panel.cfg file:-
gauge33=dsd_xml_sound3!dsd_xml_sound3, 2,2,5,5,.\Aircraft\DMFS Shared Files\BAC 1-11 510ED Panel VC\DM_1-11_sound.ini

In addition, the normal FS sounds for Stall warning (stick shaker) & overspeed have been upgraded to use authentic noises.
These two sounds are standard in FS & so are included in the Sounds download.
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