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One-Eleven update - 23 April 2006
Changes to the panel
  • Improved night lighting in the VC.
  • The APU has been altered so that it will no longer increase the overall thrust if it's running in flight.
  • Minor accuracy fix to the GS fail flags, in a live situation they will now only show when tuned to an ILS frequency. 
VC night lighting now has backlit overhead panel & floodlit main panel. (see more here BAC 1-11 VC Lighting)
I'm still not happy with it, but given the way VC's work (or don't) it's as good as it can be.
Unfortunately, even though it's the same code, it's impossible to make the 2D panel and VC look the same! ?
Note that the red/pink cockpit lights are on by default, so you have to turn them off (left side overhead panel) to get the lighting conditions shown above.

Changes to the exterior model
  • New wing modelling improvements & wing textures to bring them up to a similar accuracy level as the rest of the model.
  • Better passenger window textures.
  • The landing/taxi lights are now brighter (brighter than in the picture above).
  • An engine overheat warning is less likely. (air file alteration)
The wing textures are now much better.
The wings were pretty much from the original model going back more than 5 years & I'd not noticed how bad they were before. The old ailerons were a little too wide at the inner end & the spoilers were out of alignment. The flap track fairings have also been refined a little bit.

All models are now painted to the same standard.
All Textures are in 32-bit format.  The texture converter in each aircraft's folder can quickly convert all textures to either 32-bit or DXT3 (with or without mip-maps).   (see more here Converting Texture Format)
Even though some parts have been re-textured all existing repaints will still work fine with the new models.

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