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  Flying circuits at Brize Norton in the VC10 Printer Version
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1: Introduction & Flight Simulator setup

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Back in July 2004 myself & Dave Booker were fortunate enough to be guests of Flt Lt Andy Towshend at RAF Brize Norton.  Andy took us on an early morning refuelling sortie in a real VC10 C1K & then had us testing our 'skills' in the full motion C1K simulator in the afternoon.  Quite a day!

These pages are intended as a guide to the task that myself & Dave Booker flew on the VC10 C1K simulator at Brize Norton.  The model performs it very nicely indeed in FS2004.
For simplicity I have used the default MS scenery of Brize Norton, which does not have a working DME on the ILS.
It is not a major problem, because the DME reading is only needed once during the circuit & a reading can be taken from nearby Fairford instead.
There is some nice Brize scenery by Nick Black that I use & this does have a working DME.

The task involves a take off from runway 26 (Take off weight of 95 tonnes), climb to 2500ft, turn back to intercept the NDB beacon, fly outbound from the NDB beacon at a heading of 100 degrees, turn onto ILS approach after 9 nautical miles.  Perform a touch and go, climb to 1500 ft, then turn right for a visual circuit & full stop landing.

The intended flight line is shown on the Brize Norton approach plate here in green.
We will be flying XV107, in the current grey scheme of the RAF VC10 C1K.

We need a take off weight of 95 tonnes & it is easiest to do this by adjusting the fuel load of the aircraft using the 'Fuel and Payload' option from Flight Simulator's Aircraft Menu. (Pressing 'Alt' to get the menu)

If you simply set all of the fuel tanks at 25% full, that should give a weight of around 95 tonnes.
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