Comet 4 Panel Manual
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Main Centre Autopilot Fuel Overhead Electrics & Ignition
This panel is an accurate rendition of a real Comet 4 airliner, although it is a hybrid panel based on several different aircraft.
Most of the research & photography was done at the de Havilland Heritage museum, London Colney.

Every effort has been made to make it authentic in look and function, while still remaining useable in FS.
The real aircraft panel is not perfectly laid out for FS, so some compromises have been made to accuracy of layout to make it useful to the 'single crew' FS pilot.


Gauges designed & created by David Maltby
Panel bitmaps designed by David Maltby with input from Dave Booker for the 2D panel
All photography by Dave Booker
Research material provided by Dave Booker
Manuals & guides by David Maltby