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Main Centre Autopilot Fuel Overhead Starter Radios

This panel is an accurate rendition of a real Trident airliner as in service with BEA / British Airways.
Most of the photography was done at the de Havilland Heritage museum, London Colney, with some also done at Cosford.

Every effort has been made to make it authentic in look and function, while still remaining useable in FS.
The real aircraft panel has quite a wide spread, so the main view has been set to make all the vital instruments visible for the 'single crew' FS pilot.  A cut down 'pilot view' panel is also included on the 2D version and you can toggle between the two.
The Virtual Cockpit (VC) is fully functional and the model can be operated completely from VC mode.  There are some helpful viewing options built into the VC that can eliminate the problems of panning around the 3D environment.
The panel is good for both the Trident 2 & 3.  When used with a Trident 3 model, additional gauges for the booster engine are displayed.

The model is intended as a piloting simulation only.  The engineer's position is not covered in any detail except for a simple fuel panel.

The gauges were researched using detailed BEA manuals.  Written in the days when manuals were both informative and correct. :-)
The final development and testing phase was completed with the help of two ex Trident pilots.  Their input over several weeks certainly proved the quality of the manuals as most of the alterations made were down to my misreading them.
I can confidently state that this is one mighty fine Trident.

David Maltby


Panel design & gauges : David Maltby & Saverio Maurri
VC model : David Maltby
Photography, research material : Dave Booker

Special thanks to Peter McLeland, Jon Goldwater & Brian Withers for their enthusiastic testing and expert advice.  All have a huge amount of piloting experience in a wide variety of aircraft with Peter & Jon also flying Tridents for a number of years.