Trident Panel Manual
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Main Centre Autopilot Fuel Overhead Starter Radios
The overhead is a separate window from the main panel.  It is toggled on/off by the toggle button marked 'OH'  

Only the parts that serve a useful purpose in FS are described here.

1 : Auto Throttle Engine Masters
All switches operate together on the model, as FS doesn't allow for easy splitting of auto throttle.
The real thing had the option of turning off AT for any engine.
Typically engine 2 would be kept off auto throttle in case AT selected low RPM which could cause problems for the pressurised systems.

2 : PVD Master  (Para Visual Display)
Master On/Off for the PVD indicators on the front of the glare shield. (see Main Panel).
In FS the PVD display can also be turned on/off by clicking the PVD gauge itself.

3 : Pitot heaters
The pitot heaters are needed to keep ice from blocking the pitot tubes which would stop instruments from working.

4 : Taxi lights
5 : Landing lights
Both landing light switches move together & can not be operated independently.

6 : Avionics
These radio power switches have been assigned as the basic FS Avionics master switch.

7 : Battery
The Domestic supply switches have been assigned as the basic FS Battery master switch.

8 : Turn and Slip instrument
Individual power switch for the Turn & Slip instrument on the centre panel.

9 : Standby Horizon
Individual power switch for the Standby Horizon gauges.

10 : Navigation & Anti Collision lights
Operates the red & green lights on the wing tips & the flashing beacons on the fuselage.

11 : Panel lights
Operates the panel lighting.