VC10 Panel Manual
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Main Centre Autopilot Fuel Ignition Overhead Radios
This panel is an accurate rendition of a real Standard VC10 Airliner.
Most of the research & photography was done on A40-AB, the Standard VC10 at the Brooklands museum in Weybridge, with some also being done on G-ASGC the Super VC10 at Duxford.

Every effort has been made to make it authentic in look and function, while still remaining useable in FS.
Fortunately, the real aircraft panel is laid out in a helpful way & it has transfered very well into FS.

There was a degree of variation between aircraft that were ordered for different airlines, so some details on this panel will not match other VC10s that were produced.  Note that the RAF introduced some upgraded instruments to their fleet & even more so when they were converted to tankers.  A modern RAF version will be made at some time in the future.


Panel bitmaps & panel layout designed by Dave Booker
Gauges designed & created by David Maltby
All photography by Dave Booker

Very special thanks to:-
The staff at Brooklands museum for being so helpful & answering lots of questions
Tonks (our friendly neighbourhood VC10 flight instructor) for providing much useful material and patiently answering our many questions
Paul Ga for his knowledge & flying experience (VC10 included) & his willingness to answer yet more questions
Arne Bartels for being an XML gauge guru & having already answered countless XML questions on Flightsim forums
Saverio Maurri for providing inspiration with his excellent range of panels
All the guys on the Classic British Flight Sim forum for their support and silly behaviour
Wilf Hey in PC Plus magazine for writing an article on 'Reverse Polish Notation' that made sense of the crazy XML style maths