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I've always found VCs difficult to use, but was unaware of some of the available viewing features that make an airliner VC a much more viable proposition.
These viewing options have been picked up off various design forums.  They are certainly not new ideas, but don't seem to be in common use.

Mouse panning
There is an area at the top of the pilot's panel (and co-pilot) that allows you to pan around very quickly & accurately using the mouse rather than the 'hat' on your joystick or joke.
The area to click for mouse panning is shown in yellow.  Click in this area & hold the mouse button down.

The view will likely jump at first, but moving the mouse around will settle it down & give a very quick natural method of looking around.  While you can't click any of the gauges in this mode, you can still use the full array of keyboard & yoke/joystick controls.
When you release the mouse button the panning stops wherever you are currently looking.

View Adjustments & Preset Views
In the corner of each pilot's panel there is a small toggle button marked 'VC'.
The position of this toggle button is shown in yellow.

Clicking the 'VC' button will open a small popup window in the bottom left corner of the screen showing a number of buttons.

1. Move the view Up, Down, Left, Right, with the centre button being reset view.  All of these are available on the keyboard, but they are usually multi key presses and difficult to remember.
Move across right to view fly from the co-pilot seat.
As well as clicking, the mouse wheel can be used to alter these view settings.

2. Level of zoom. It alters the zoom in 25% chunks for quick changes.  The optimum zoom setting for this VC appears to be 0.75, but that is down to personal preference.

3. Move forward & backward. The default view in the VC is set slightly back to give a better & more realistic field of view.

4. Click any of these buttons to instantly snap to these pre-set views without having to pan. Main Forward 1, Main Forward 2, Centre panel, Overhead panel, Autopilot (& pedestal).
Note, the pre-set views are set from the Captain's side only & only the Main Forward view will work from the co-pilot seat.
The 'X' button closes the VC views popup window.