One-Eleven Panel Manual
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Main Centre Autopilot Overhead Radios
This panel is an accurate rendition of a typical One-Eleven airliner.
Most of the photography was done on G-ASYD, the 1-11 at the Brooklands museum in Weybridge, although some equipment of the later G-AZMF has also been blended in. A One-Eleven operating manual has been used for reference.
Each One-Eleven built was tailored to meet the needs of the ordering airline and the equipment fitted into them does vary slightly.  While the panel is typical of the aircraft, it will not be accurate to some.  Most notably the BEA/BA 510ED which was equiped with many units previously fitted in their Tridents.

Every effort has been made to make it authentic in look and function while still being simple to operate at a basic level.
Since the One-Eleven is a two man crew aircraft, all the systems are there for operation by the Captain & Co-pilot and so have been simulated as far as possible.
Although the model includes electric, hydraulic, fuel, air conditioning & pressurization systems, these extras are ready to go by default & do not require any operating knowledge.
However, if you prefer, there is the option of a 'Cold Start' reset button and you can operate everything yourself using the check lists.


Panel bitmaps & gauges by David Maltby
Photography & research material provided by Dave Booker
Manual by David Maltby

Thanks to the staff at Brooklands museum for being so helpful.