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1: Introduction & sim setup

Following up on the guide to flying the VC10, this is a starter guide to operating the One-Eleven. As usual it's aimed at the novice, so please don't be insulted if you know all the basics.
Unlike the circuits of Brize Norton, this guide is not intended as the correct procedure to follow as a pilot.
This guide consists of a simple flight from Bournemouth Hurn to Newcastle. The intention being to show the basic operation of the One-Eleven model, not correct piloting procedure in flying from one airport to another.
For that reason I'm not bothering with ATC, airways etc. instead just making use of the aircraft's equipment to navigate using VOR & NDB beacons and then the ILS for a manual landing.

As I'm not using the FS flight planner (& ATC), I will make use of the RouteFinder website to give me route details and then wing it.

I'll climb to 23,000ft for the cruise, just to give us something to do.

I'll be flying Dan-Air's One-Eleven 500 series G-BDAT

We don't need much fuel for this short hop, but will take plenty. Adjust the fuel load of the aircraft using the 'Fuel and Payload' option from the Aircraft Menu. (Pressing 'Alt' to get the Flight Simulator menu)

Set all of the fuel tanks at 40% full & that will be plenty. It will give a take off weight of around 37 tonnes & we will be well under maximum landing weight on arrival at Newcastle.

Once loaded up in the Sim you can call up the Flight Sim Map using the 'Map Icon' button.
Scroll the display up to Newcastle & zoom in to EGNT.
Holding the cursor over the displayed features gives a pop up box with the relevant info. Jot it down.

EGNT - 266ft above sea level
VOR/DME - 114.25
NDB (WZ) - 416
NDB (NT) - 352
ILS (69) - 111.50
ILS (249) - 111.50
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