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2: Start Up

We'll do a cold start & go through the checklist for aircraft startup.
Click on the 'Cold Start' icon button (marked 'CS')
This will reset systems & switches just as if you had boarded an aircraft that had been fully shut down.
The Checklist is included as a part of the manual.
You can get the manual in Flight Simulator through clicking the kneeboard icon button (marked with a tick).
Checklist section 'Starting Check' is as follows.
Battery - On
APU Generator Control - TRIP
APU - Start
To start APU:-
Switch 'APU CONTROL' to 'ON'
Check 'FUEL VALVE' reads 'OPEN'
'START' gulls eye initially reads 'START'
After 35%RPM 'START' goes blank, then displays 'RUN' when at full RPM.
APU Generator Control - RESET
Voltage, Cycles, Amps - Check
The needles should have moved half way or more.
Start Lever (HP cocks) - Shut
Both levers should be fully down.
L.P. Valves - Open
Two switches at the bottom left & right.
Transfer Valves/Pumps
Four switches at the top left & right.
Booster pumps - On
Four switches in the middle left & right.
Air Con Masters - APU
Two knobs left & right.
APU Air crossfeed - Open
No smoking signs & Seatbelt signs - On
Emergency Lights - Armed
Pitot heat - Checked Off
Make sure all needles register zero.
Anti-icing - Off
All systems.
Hydraulic Quantity - In Green
Hydraulic DC pump - Off
Hydraulic Pumps - Eng & Aux all On
Aileron & Rudder trim - Checked & Centred
Use tooltip to see current state of aircraft trims.
Nav Lights - On
Fuel Aboard - Checked v flight plan
Parking brakes - On
Captain's brake handle should be in horizontal 'locked' position.
Air Con Masters - Closed
For engine starting
Eng Generator Control - Both TRIP
Start clearance - Obtained
Beacon - On
Throttles - Closed
Both levers fully back

Start engines
Select 'Start Master' to START.
For each Engine in turn:-
Click 'Start/Relight' switch to 'START & MOTOR'
Check for both amber igniter lights & Green shaft rotation light
Start lever will move to OPEN automatically on the model

Continue once engine is fully started.

Start Master - Off
Starter switches - Off
Eng Generator Control - RESET
Bus & Gen Fail lights - Check out
Air Con Masters - APU
Anti ice - As required
Leave off unless it is freezing
Control surfaces - Check
Clearance for taxi - Obtained
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