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3: Taxi
Going back to the Route, we'll set the NAV radios.  Use either VC mode or click the radio icon button
Set NAV1 frequency as the first beacon (OCK) 115.3
Set NAV2 as the second beacon down the list (TNT) 115.7

We need to fly to the first beacon (OCK) on a heading of 63 degrees, so set this as the course on the compass.

We are now ready for the taxi checks, listed below.

Hydraulic pumps - Aux 1 On, Aux 2 Off
The Aux (electric) pumps are not needed when the aircraft's engine pumps are running.  Aux 1 is left on for takeoff as a backup system so the gear can be retracted in the event of failure on No 1 engine pump.
Door warning lights - All out
Parking brakes - Off
Captain's brake handle should be in vertical 'unlocked' position.
Flaps - Select takeoff position
We are light & have plenty of runway length, so we will use 8 degrees. (18 is more normal though)
Battery - Check On
Speed brakes - Checked & zero
Handle fully forward.
  Trims - Set for takeoff
Set Tail Trim to 3 degrees nose up.

Takeoff speeds - Checked & set
Click the Speed Reference Chinagraph for speeds

Vr is 125 kt (rotate)
V2 is 131 kt (safe flying speed)

Vr & V2 are also both marked by the bugs on the air speed indicator.

Flight instruments - Checked & set
Make sure the correct pressure is set into the altimeter.
You can press 'B' on the keyboard to do this automatically.
Today's QNH is 2983

Reverse - Check lights out
Orange lights left & right.
Flaps - Set for takeoff
Just to make sure the flaps did get to the position selected.
Thrust Index
Click top of either Thrust Index gauge to auto set the correct number for the conditions. Today it works out at 150.
On takeoff we need to see at least 100% on these gauges.
If the aircraft is parked at a gate in Flight Simulator, press 'Shift-P' to pushback, then immediately press '1' to turn left or '2' to turn right.
My aircraft is not parked at a gate & can taxi straight out for runway 08.
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