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31 Oct 2006

BAC 1-11 510ED Panel & VC
Finally got around to making the BEA / British Airways style cockpit.
An odd mix of 1-11 and Trident equipment, this panel has a much altered layout which is surprisingly nice to use in FS. (I thought it would be awful)

The 510ED has now been separated from the other 500 series and has its own downloads.
To install, you will need the two new files on the BAC One-Eleven page :-

See some 510ED panel shots here

There's a couple of new 1-11 repaints in there as well.
G-AVMR 'British' 1-11 510ED
and Courtline 500 G-AXMH 'Halycon Sun' is back. For any that may remember the original batch of 1-11 models, it's now six years since it all started.
Compare 2001 & 2006 :-)

09 Oct 2006

Trident Update
Details of all changes are detailed here HS121 Trident October Update

One-Eleven Update
Details of all changes are detailed here BAC 1-11 October Update

VC10 C1K updated to include XV104's '40 Years of RAF Service' scheme
See a picture of the XV104 paint

Do make sure that all of the new files you download are marked 20061001 or later.
If you don't see this date in the file name, you need to refresh your browser or delete the old pages that it stores.
(20061001 = 1st October 2006)

All the models are still for FS2004, which I'm going to be using for some time yet.
I'm sure at some point that I will make some new FSX only models, but to be honest the FSX Demo only made me want to keep hold of FS2004.
In the meantime, please don't bother me with any issues my models may have in FSX. Send any comments directly to the MS Flight Sim team (backward compatibility dept.) :-)

15 Jun 2006

If anyone has a VC10 with a malfunctioning Mach Hold, the VC10 panel download has now been updated with the fix for it. See the Vickers VC10 page

25 Apr 2006

One-Eleven Updates

VC & Panel changes
The night lighting in the VC has been improved. Also a few minor fixes for the gauges.

Exterior 3D model changes
Other tweaks include more accurate wing modelling, new wing textures & new passenger window textures across all models.

For full details of all changes in this update see here
BAC 1-11 update

I recommend you download and install all the 1-11 files again to avoid any problems with different versions.  Only the Sounds are unchanged.

If you want to update your 1-11 VC by installing only the PANEL file (not all the 3D models & textures as well) then you will also need the new 3D model files or you will not see any instruments in the VC !!
These extra files can be downloaded from here if you don't want the other updates.
    (4 mb)

These latest 1-11 is still made in FSDS2 not FSDS3.  There is something about my technique that causes a severe & almost random texture blurring in FS (using both gmax & FSDS3).
I may have to rebuild everything from scratch to be able to carry on into FSX.  ?

10 Mar 2006

Update to the VC10 C1K to include the latest 101 squadron repaint
See a picture of the new look XV101 'S'

Download the VC10 C1K Update
Or download the VC10 C1K from the Vickers VC10 page

11 Feb 2006

Some of you may be wondering if I'm ever going to improve the lighting in the VC, so here's a quick progress report on it.
BAC 1-11 VC Lighting

22 Jan 2006

There is now a beginners guide to Flying the One-Eleven in a similar style to the earlier article on how to fly circuits at Brize Norton in a VC10.

31 Dec 2005

Here is a small patch for the new 1-11.  It's another install program job and contains the following minor fixes :-
1) Slip indicator ball on the attitude indicator centred correctly
2) Steps texture corrected on the British Airways 400 G-BBMG
3) Tailplane incidence, wing span & wing area adjustments for short body 200, 400, 475 flight models
4) Air Speed Indicator's speed reference bugs corrected for 200 & 400 models

Patch link removed   (1 mb)

19 Dec 2005

Happy Christmas Everyone
And all the best for the New Year

BAC One-Eleven Updated
  • Improved panel
  • Virtual cockpit
  • Exterior textures updated
  • Sounds updated to include APU
See some snaps of the VC here

Make sure to install the new sounds. The new 3 engine layout (APU included) will not sound right with the old sounds.

31 Jul 2005

A new series of Comet 3 & 3B models with textures by Garry Russell.

The single Comet 3 G-ANLO served as a prototype for both the Comet 4 and Comet 4B.  It was later registered XP915 and served with the Blind Landing Experimental Unit & then the Royal Aircraft Establishment where it gained a rather fetching nose probe.  G-ANLO was the first airliner to travel right around the World.  All guises are represented in this new pack.
  Comet 3

The little texture converter utility (included with all model downloads) has been expanded to also include conversion to 32 bit with or without mip maps, not just DXT3.
The texture conversion utility can be downloaded from

DMFS gets with the video craze  See the very wonderful VC10 video here

30 Jun 2005

Some 'new' 1-11 & Comet files have appeared on
They were not uploaded by me & have nothing new in them.
Any changes to DMFS models will always be on this website first.
All downloads here are the latest versions available.

19 May 2005

System Crashes with Audigy 2 ZS Sound Cards
The sound 'fix' I put out 11 May didn't make any difference (link removed).
However, someone did find a simple cure for avoiding system crashes - Set the sound quality to Medium in FS !!  This has worked for some, but not all.
Or use stereo instead of surround, or disable the EAX feature? (or all of the above)
No idea what is going on with these cards, but it's not a fault in my sound packs.
There are similar stories of 3D game crashes on the Manufacturer's forum

A common question - Trident Heading & NAV mode
Please take a look at this section of the manual, the switch top left of the Horizontal Situation Indicator selects between HDG & NAV.  See here (No 5)

11 May 2005

Trident fixes
A small number of folks have parts of the floor & roof vanishing in the Trident VC.  I've modified the 3D model to make this less likely.
Also some report oscillations with Height Lock on the autopilot.  I could only get it happening at sim speed of 4x and above.   It was a timing issue in the autopilot processing & I've managed to sort it.  It's steady at 16x on my PC now.
All downloads have been updated, but the changed files are also available here...
Download Trident fixes    (2.5 mb)

A few more repaints have been added to the Tridents.
Trident 2 - Cyprus, Cyprus/BA hybrid, BA with original 'British Airways' titles
Trident 3 - BA with original 'British Airways' titles

By special request, both these original BA liveries are disgustingly clean!
Note: Each BA red tail Trident contains replacement textures so you can have 'British' or 'British airways' titles all clean or dirty!

All downloads have been updated, but the new files are also available here...
Download new Trident textures
    (9 mb)

New Trident Paintkit  (see Trident page)

04 May 2005

The release that went out to AVSIM is missing the engine smoke effects files.
You can download these three little files from here:-
Download Trident Smoke Effects

30 April 2005

The Tridents are back!

  • New high accuracy panel
  • Fully functional Virtual Cockpit (say what!!??)
  • Improved flight dynamics
  • Upgraded textures
  • Trident 2 & Trident 3 models
  • Custom made Autopilot with full Autoland !

Still Freeware - we want as many people as possible to enjoy & remember this pioneering British Classic.
(send a £10 donation to the Trident Preservation Society if you'd prefer to make it payware or donationware)

Special thanks to the following people:-
Dave Booker for the usual quality photos, but also for providing me with the Trident manuals that were the reason for starting this update.
Saverio Maurri for finishing the 2D panel off with the overhead sections, engine starters & the design of the pilot's view on the 2D panel.
Peter McLeland, Jon Goldwater & Brian Withers for some top quality testing and input over the final month of development.  All three are very experienced pilots with Peter & Jon both ex-Trident Captains as well.

Seems I was wrong.
With a few tricks, an airliner VC can work!
[more about the VC]

19 February 2005

The AI VC10 pack is available once again.
All four VC10 models are included in the download & they have been updated to ensure a perfect fit with any of the current VC10 textures.

See the VC10 page for more details & the download.

18 February 2005

In typical style the last update to the VC10 broke something else on the panel.
It only seems to affect the Delco Carousel INS gauges with battery faults, but if you've had any other obscure 'electrical' trouble in the VC10 recently it may well be linked.

So this is a re-release of the last update plus corrections & a few other minor fixes to the panel to do with battery & generators.   (1.2 mb)

All download files elsewhere on the website have been updated too.

Thanks very much to Paul (Gypsy Baron) & others on our CBFS forum for helping to sort this tricky problem.

08 January 2005

Small flight dynamics alterations to the VC10s.  Drag & power rebalanced to allow for slightly higher rates of descent under 15,000 ft.
VC10 panels modified to automatically turn on the generators to make up for the absence of any proper generator switches.
If you don't fancy downloading the lot again, the updated files are all in this here download:
   (1.2 mb)

If your system doesn't like the 32-bit textures that most of my models use, I've now got a batch converter that can automatically convert the textures into the more efficient DXT3 format.
Each aircraft download now comes with a file called 'Texture Converter.bat' in each aircraft's folder.  You just run this file & chose the texture format required.
See how here... Converting texture format

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