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2: Before Starting

Battery (or External Power) ON
The model has no real link to external power.
The external power setting is only pretend & actually uses the FS battery.
Because of this there is still a time limit before the power runs out when external power is selected.
Once the engines are started, battery power is no longer used.
Invertors ON
The invertors convert DC power to provide AC power to various instruments.
Parking Brake ON
Nav Lights ON
Beacon ON
Either knob on the left can be clicked to turn on the VC roof lights. Can be useful during day time as it can still get a little dark in a VC.
If the beacon causes the VC roof lighting to flash, turn the VC lights off & turn them back on again.

The other switches on this panel are only dummy switches.
Fuel Cocks ON
The model uses a simplified left / centre / right arrangement for the fuel system.
All left tank cocks operate together, same with the right.
Wing Fuel Pumps ON
All of the left & right tanks are in the wings.
Similar to the fuel cocks, all left fuel pumps operate together, same with the right pumps.
On the Comet the fuel pumps are used to bring the tanks in and out of the fuel system, never the fuel cocks.
The fuel cocks are always OPEN unless the fuel tank is empty, in which case the fuel cock must be closed.
On the model, when fuel pumps are off, fuel can not be delivered from that tank.
Centre Fuel Pumps OFF
The lines on the schematic show how the fuel tanks link to the four engines, with the round 'gulls eye' indicators either linking or breaking the connections.
Note that the centre tank is naturally routed to only feed the left two engines. It will only ever feed the right side if the crossfeed is opened.
The three crossfeeds are represented with three 'gulls eye' indicators between the fuel flow gauges at the top.
Fuel Crossfeeds CLOSED
With the centre pumps off and the crossfeeds closed, the engines are being fed direct from their respective wing fuel tanks.
Fuel Heaters As Required
If the temperature is below 5 deg C, fuel heaters would be required.
Fuel inlet temperature is shown by the gauges above the switches.
Starter Master Switch ON
No engines can be started without the Starter Master Switch being on.
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