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1: Introduction

This is a starter guide to operating the Comet 4. As usual it's aimed at the novice, so please don't be insulted if you know all the basics.
Again slightly different to previous guides (VC10 & 1-11), this one is a simple run through the checklists incorporating the before starting, starting, taxi, takeoff, after takeoff, climb & cruise, descent, approach, final, after landing and shutdown checks.

The guide is made from the VC, but it will still be of use to 2D panel users.
Also take a good look through the Comet Manual to get the most out of the model.

The panel has a number of icon buttons grouped on a popup window.
This popup window is toggled on & off by clicking on the icon button

Clicking the 'checklist' icon brings up the Comet 4 checklists booklet.

Click the preset views - 3 overhead, 2 forward, Engineer, Left Window, Right Window & Pedestal to see all the useful sections of the VC.

Page through the booklet by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the page.

The extra data sheet on the right can be toggled on & off by clicking the icon in its top left corner.

Please be aware that the items in this guide may change slightly over time as the model develops.

The model will be loaded into FS with all systems running.
Once the model is fully loaded into the sim, so long as you are stationary, you can click the 'cold start' icon to shut everything down. This guide assumes you are starting from cold.
Note that the first 8 seconds after the model is loaded is an initialization period. Any clicks you do during this time may well be ignored.

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