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8: Descent

Engine Synchronizer OFF
For descent it is normal to throttle the inner engines fully back and leave the outer engines at 6500 RPM.
The outers can be throttled back more if speed is creeping up, particularly under 20000ft, but a fair amount of RPM is needed to keep the pressurization under control.
The Cabin Mass Flow gauges should always be in the white 'normal range' section for pressurization to work properly.
Wing Fuel Pumps ON
Centre Fuel Pumps OFF
Fuel Crossfeeds CLOSED
With the centre pumps off and the crossfeeds closed, the engines are being fed direct from their respective wing fuel tanks.
De-icing As Required
If temperatures are in a range where ice could be a problem, de-ice should be used.

Structural de-ice and engine de-ice is on here.
Pitot heater and fuel heaters are also included in this check.
If icing conditions could be present and any of the above systems is off, the checklist will show a cross.
Req Cabin Alt 2000 or Less
Cabin Alt Check Reducing
If you are expecting to be holding before approach, it may be best to set required cabin alt of 2000.
I know I'll be going straight in for landing so it's right down to zero.
If the airport is at a higher altitude, set the eqivalent value.
Altimeter Set
Set the altimeter pressure for the destination airport.
You can get this pressure from the COM radio by tuning to the airport ATIS or the Control Tower.
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