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4: Taxi

Flap 20 deg
Takeoff is always with 20 deg flap.
Elevator Trim 3-4 deg
Takeoff is always with at least 3 deg nose up trim.
Aileron Trim Centred
Rudder Trim Centred
Air Brake IN
Takeoff Speeds Checked
Click the gauge to get the speeds for current weight.

V1 - speed before which you can safely abort takeoff
Vr - Rotate speed (pull yoke back)
V2 - Safe flying speed
Vat - Landing speed
Pressure Valve NORMAL
Closes the pressure safety valve.
This valve regulates air pressure, automatically opening to let excess pressure escape & closing to let pressure build.
During normal flight the valve is 'closed', but it can be manually opened at any time to let air escape (depressurize) in a controlled manner.
Required Cabin Alt 2000+
Once airborne the air pressure must be allowed to reduce in order to keep the pressure inside the hull at a safe level.
Required cabin altitude should be set depending on your expected cruise altitude.
Max required cabin alt is 8000ft.
A cabin alt of 2000ft is ok for flying at 10000ft, but you would need maximum cabin alt of 8000ft if cruising at 37000ft.
Cabin Temp As Required

Make sure that the cabin temperature controls are set for a reasonable temperature.
There are two air inlet controls, each with a switch and temperature gauge. The upper switch and temperature gauge are for the cabin itself.
No actual temperature change will happen while the engines are at idle.
So if you want to change the tempearture while stationary, throttle up the engines until the Cabin Mass Flow gauges register above 1.
Set Air Inlet temperatures down for cooling.

Altimeter Pressure Set
Set the correct pressure into your altimeter to make sure it is giving an accurate reading.
This pressure can be got from the COM radio by tuning to airport ATIS or Control Tower radio.
Or press 'B' to get FS to set it automatically.
Brakes OFF
Brakes off. Parking brakes & pedal brakes.
The four gauges on the co-pilot's outer panel show any current pedal brake pressure being applied.
Test that the pedal brakes do register on Green & then return to zero when released.
Green is the normal hydraulic channel, red is only active if green fails.
Once at this stage we can taxi to the runway.  
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