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3: Starting

Repeat for each engine
Select Engine (1,2,3,4)
This is a four way rotary switch 1,2,3,4.
Each click with the mouse advances it to the next engine.
Clicking when on engine 4 returns it to engine 1.
LP Cock ON
HP Cock ON
On the Comet the HP cock is fully on before ignition.
Starter Button PRESS
Once pressed, the starter button stays down until the start sequence is complete to ignition or not.
Each engine has a generator which should automatically come on line as the engine starts.
If the engine fails to light and reach idle RPM, wait until it has wound down (check RPM gauge) and press the engine starter button again.
If the generator is not active, it will need to be reset on the engineers electrical panel (there are 4 generator buttons behind red guards)
All Engines Running  
Only proceed once all engines are running.
Starter Master Switch OFF
Pressure Supply Levers ON
Each engine provides air to the pressurization & heating system.
This air is only provided at RPMs well above Idle. If heating is needed on the ground, set engine RPMs up until the cabin mass flow gauges (on the pressurization panel) register more than 1.
De-ice Levers As Required
If it was cold, de-ice would be required.
These levers provide structural de-icing of leading edges etc.
Engine De-ice As Required
If it was cold, engine de-ice would be required.
External Power OFF
Once the engines are going, battery & or external power is not needed.
If external power was selected it should be deselected before taxi.
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