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7: Climb & Cruise

Power max is 7500 RPM  
IAS max is 330 kt  
Mach max is 0.76  
Note that this panel is a generic panel for all marks of Comet 4, 4B & 4C.
The normal cruise for a 4B was faster & the speeds shown in the checks reflect that.
Normal cruise for a 4 & 4C is mach 0.74
Fuel Crossfeeds OPEN
Allows fuel to get from all tanks to all engines.
Centre Fuel Pumps
(if fuel loaded)
The Comet had a strange arrangement for the Centre tank, where it would only feed the left side engines, unless the crossfeed was open. Once in climb & cruise you want to burn the centre tank off, leaving excess fuel in the wings.
With all crossfeeds open & centre tank pumps on, you can turn the wing tank pumps off if desired & burn only from the centre tank.
Red lights will illuminate under each tank when the levels are getting low.
Engine Synchronizer ON
The engine synchronizer forces other engines to adopt the same RPM as the nominated engine.
VC only, the 2D has the flaps gauge in this position.
This is no great use if you only have a single throttle control on your yoke/stick.
There are three sync modes:-
All engines to Port Outer (engine 1)
All engines to Starboard Inner (engine 3)
Outer engines (1 & 4) to Port Outer (engine 1)
Cabin Pressure OK
The two readings on the Cabin Pressure Differential & Cabin Altitude gauges must remain outside the red sections.
Setting a higher 'Required Cabin Alt' will raise the Cabin Alt and reduce the Cabin Pressure Differential.
High Cabin Alt is uncomfortable for the passengers, but High Pressure Differential stresses the aircraft. Try to roughly balance them out.
Cabin Temperature OK
Make sure that the cabin is at a reasonable temperature for the passengers.
If not, increase the required temperature with the switch.
If there is still no raise in cabin temperature, your air inlet temperatures also needs increasing.
Fuel Balance OK
If one wing gets much heavier than the other, or if either wing is carrying less than the centre tank, the fuel needs balancing out better.

Balance the tanks by burning fuel from the tank that needs the fuel load reduced. Do this by switching off the pumps of the other tanks.
De-icing As Required
If temperatures are in a range where ice could be a problem, de-ice should be used.

Structural de-ice and engine de-ice is on here.
Pitot heater and fuel heaters are also included in this check.
If icing conditions could be present and any of the above systems is off, the checklist will show a cross.
Altimeter 1013 mbs
At cruise altitudes, the standard altimeter pressure setting of 1013 mbs (29.92 in hg) should have been set.
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